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From the Heart

Virgo Bracelet

Virgo Bracelet

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“I see the divine cracking whips in you like a storm licked sky that reminds us, you are the kind of powerful, we’d all fall to our knees for.” -Brooke Solis, Virgo Woman. Full poem here.  

Red Jasper connects to your root chakra and plants it firmly within the positive, healing, and nurturing energy of Mother Earth. Because of this grounding, you are less likely to be overcome by your emotions. Red Jasper helps lessen worries and invites a greater sense of ease into your life. For Virgos, this crystal helps them find the motivation to create and make their dreams a reality.

Citrine absorbs, transmutes, and grounds negative energy. It is also beneficial for attracting abundance. Virgos tend to be perfectionists, and the energy of citrine can help them get through the imperfect times and when things don’t go as they had hoped/expected with ease.

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