Our Story

Handmade + Woman Owned

From the Heart is a collection of mala beads, small batch botanical products, and jewelry, all handmade from the heart by Janelle Taylor.

Here & Now

This is a collection of all finished and available pieces. Each item is unique in its design and handcrafted with all natural and sustainably sourced materials. 

Created with Intention

This is an archive of all previously made malas that are available as made-to-order. 

Here is where you can find a previously made mala to be re-created for you, exactly as is or with any changes you'd like. 

Custom Design + Inspired By...

Mala beads are truly sacred, spiritual pieces of jewelry, which is why we offer the opportunity to create your own through a custom design! This is a collection of pieces that were inspired by nature, special moments in time, and businesses! Some are one-of-a-kind and not available, others are available to be remade, which you will see.

Send Janelle a photo with special meaning to you and she will use it to inspire your very own custom mala. If you want a custom piece that isn't inspired by a photo, please send along any ideas, whether they are certain color schemes, specific crystals, or types of energies you want with you, and together with Janelle, you will create your perfect mala.

Simplicity Collection

Janelle is a firm believer that magic lives in acknowledging all of the small, simple beauties of life. Thus, the Simplicity Collection was born: a curation of dainty, simple design necklaces to remind us to find beauty in the simple things. 


From the Heart Botanicals comes from Janelle's love of herbal medicine. She is fully embracing her time as a student of Herbal Academy, which means working with the plants themselves and crafting them into products and medicines for healing. Each product is made in a small batch with limited inventory. 


Everything is created as sustainably as possible, including avoiding mass production by doing made-to-order malas and necklaces, using locally sourced, organic herbs and products, and recyclable and reusable bubble mailers! Even down to our aesthetic, we use a handmade stamp with a refillable pad and non-toxic, water based ink free of unnecessary junk. We do all of this because we believe it is our responsibility to follow mindful creative practices and respect the world around us. Help us continue these practices: Send back any From the Heart packaging (necklace holders, tags, cards, stamped boxes and bags) and receive 10% off your next purchase! Simply put whatever you don't want to keep in the same mailer we sent to you, and once we receive the package you will receive the discount code for you to use whenever.