Meet the Maker

Handmade + Woman Owned

My name is Janelle; yoga teacher, herbalist, and the heart behind the biz! I'm so grateful you're here. From the Heart is just that: a collection of intentionally crafted pieces from my heart to yours. I call it a healing collective because everything I make carries healing properties; from medicinal herbs, to meditation beads, and crystal energies, every FTH item is made with hopes of helping you heal and feel aligned and in tune with your heart.

I am also, and probably most importantly, a mother, so everything you see here is made either during nap time or with my son nearby. What I love most about this little business is how everything I make really does come from the heart - I hope you can see and feel that, too. 


Everything is created as sustainably as possible, including avoiding mass production by doing made-to-order malas and necklaces, using locally sourced, organic herbs and products, and recyclable and reusable bubble mailers! Even down to the aesthetic, I use a handmade stamp with a refillable pad and non-toxic, water-based ink free of unnecessary junk. I do all of this because I believe it is my duty to follow mindful creative practices and live in alignment with the world around us. Help to continue these practices: Send back any From the Heart packaging (necklace cards, tags, cards, cotton bags) and receive 20% off your next purchase! Simply put whatever you don't want to keep in the same mailer I sent to you, and once I receive the package you will receive the discount code!