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From the Heart

The Ātman Mala

The Ātman Mala

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Bronzite is known for boosting self-confidence and courage to follow through with your biggest dreams and desires. It is one of the most powerful stones for ridding one of any feelings of self-doubt, helping you trust and believe in yourself again.

Apatite helps to bring a sense of clarity that lights the way to self-expression. It also provides guidance in maintaining a healthy balance between following your dreams and the daily responsibilities of life. Apatite reminds us that truly knowing oneself is the key to believing that anything you desire is possible. 

Guru bead is made of brass.

Ātman is a Sanskrit word meaning Self (true/real self); true essence of the soul/universe/spirit. 

Sacred 108 bead count 

Available in 6mm or 8mm beads - please select the correct one from the drop-down menu.

*8mm is available now, 6mm is made-to-order. 

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