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Pisces Mala

Pisces Mala

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“I see your artfulness like a new shade of colour, and I see your bursting heart hold the wisdom that shows us, love looks like you.” -Brooke Solis, Pisces Woman. Full poem here.  

Aquamarine, like water, carries a soothing, fluid energy helping to reduce stress and worries and has a gentle way of rejuvenating your being on every level. It helps you go with the flow and stimulates both the heart and throat chakras. Aquamarine connects Pisces’ to their watery, flowy nature and shields them from being too overly sensitive with its calm, tranquil energy.

Amethyst promotes love for the divine, stimulates the third eye chakra and encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Amethyst gives Pisces’ the energy to be of service to others as it helps deepen their intuition and spiritual journey. 

Sandalwood is one of the oldest and most calming incenses used for meditation. It carries very grounding energy with it.

Tassel is handmade from recycled silk. Please note each tassel will look different as it is made with raw material and no piece looks exactly the same.

Sacred 108 Bead Count

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