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From the Heart

Serenity Earrings

Serenity Earrings

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Larimer (blue)  is known for bringing a sense of ease and relaxation with its serene and tranquil energy. This makes it a great crystal to relieve tension, and calm an over-thinking mind, helping you feel calm and rejuvenated! 

Chrysocolla (green) has been used for centuries for its soothing, feminine energy that empowers you to be the truest version of yourself. Chrysocolla connects to your heart and throat chakras, encouraging thoughtful communication and more loving self-awareness, which ultimately invites more growth and overall balance in your life. 

Made with 14k gold filled and 925 sterling silver wire and ear hooks.

*Please note that we work with real, natural crystals, which means no two pieces will look the same. 

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