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From the Heart

Inspired by Cape Cod: Eastham

Inspired by Cape Cod: Eastham

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This mala is inspired by sunset at Nauset Light Beach in Eastham, MA.

Angelite encourages you to speak your truth and to be more accepting. Great stone for healers as it deepens attunement, heightens perception, and provides protection for the environment or the body.

Tanzanite's energy allows for a deep meditative state and helps unite the mind with the heart, encouraging you to live from a state of love and compassion. It is also great at improving all aspects of communication, speaking from a heart-centered perspective.

Strawberry Quartz is directly linked to the heart chakra and helps you give and receive more love of all kinds in all aspects of life. It also helps you become more aware of the unconditional love that already surrounds you, and balances the emotional body. 

Yellow Calcite helps clear out old energy habits, leaving room for personal growth and evolution. It is strongly connected to the solar plexus, encouraging confidence and helping to rid of unnecessary self-doubt. 

Sandalwood is one of the oldest and most calming incenses used for meditation. It carries very grounding energy with it.

Tassel is handmade from recycled silk. Please note each tassel will look different as it is made with raw material and no piece looks exactly the same. 

Sacred 108 bead count

The charm is from Cape Clasp.

15% of this purchase will be donated to Atlantic White Shark Conservancy!

A print of the photo will be included with purchase. 


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