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Cancer Mala

Cancer Mala

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“I see the way you are home to every floating moon that’s ever existed and the way you are walking, talking, oceanic heaven that loves like mystery was your mistress.” -Brooke Solis, Cancer Woman. Full poem here.  

Chrysocolla helps Cancers maintain balance in their home life, dispels negative energy and helps them confidently embrace change with ease. It keeps them from becoming too overly sensitive, especially when an unexpected situation occurs and invites in more tranquility and stability.

Moonstone is a very calming and magical stone. It helps to settle stress and prevent overreaction by enhancing emotional relief and connecting with the inner divine feminine. It unlocks the energy of the moon within you, keeping you in a state of balanced tranquility. Moonstone helps Cancers nourish themselves by deepening their connection to their intuition and their natural rhythm. It also helps them stay open to change. 

Sandalwood is one of the oldest and most calming incenses used for meditation. It carries very grounding energy with it.

Tassel is handmade from recycled silk. Please note each tassel will look different as it is made with raw material and no piece looks exactly the same.

Guru bead is brass.

Sacred 108 Bead Count

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