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From the Heart

Aquarius Mala

Aquarius Mala

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“I see jolted electric eyes and buzzing sex appeal and the cosmic rebelliousness that has all us wondering what sorcery lives in those earrings of yours.” -Brooke Solis, Aquarius Woman. Full poem here.  

Garnet inspires love and devotion, alleviates emotional disharmony and bestows self-confidence. Garnet is great for Aquarius’ as it encourages more dependability and commitment in their character.

Rhodochrosite, also known as the Stone of Compassion, promotes selfless love and ignites the desire to help others. It also strongly promotes self-love and emotional healing. Its energy is one of self-love, forgiveness, and compassion. Rhodochrosite helps Aquarius’ with self-love, accepting themselves as they are and not be so dependent on/constantly seek out the approval of others.  It helps support their need to constantly be surrounded by love and support by allowing them to find that within themselves.

Sandalwood is one of the oldest and most calming incenses used for meditation. It carries very grounding energy with it.

Tassel is handmade from recycled silk. Please note each tassel will look different as it is made with raw material and no piece looks exactly the same.

Guru bead is brass.

Sacred 108 Bead Count

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