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From the Heart

Love All The Way Mala

Love All The Way Mala

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Tourmaline reminds us of the importance of loving ourselves first, then letting that love spill out into all areas of our lives. It carries a feminine, yin energy, inviting more depth, positivity, and compassion, helping to gain a deeper understanding of self.

Yellow Calcite helps clear out old energy habits, leaving room for personal growth and evolution. It is strongly connected to the solar plexus, encouraging confidence and helping to rid of unnecessary self-doubt. 

Sandalwood is one of the oldest and most calming incenses used for meditation. It carries very grounding energy with it.

Tassel is handmade from recycled silk. Please note each tassel will look different as it is made with raw material and no piece looks exactly the same.

Sacred 108 bead count.

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